I'm getting such a kick out of Roxy.  She's great.  Other than waking me up at 4:30am the last two nights with her need for interaction, she has been really well behaved and relaxed.

Leave it to me to pick out the smart cat.  On Thursday, Ryan had to work swing shift.  So I made dinner, then served her her wet food and jetted off to Ryan's work to take him dinner.  I came home, put the food away, checked on her, played with her for a bit and then went to take a shower and go to bed.

I came in and checked on her before going to bed, gave her pets and then turned off the light and shut the door.  I told Roxy that on Friday I'd give her a chance to explore if she was ready.  Apparently, she was ready NAOW!

I'm half asleep and I hear the click-clacking of kitty nails on the laminate floor.  I knew I had gotten the door closed, so I got out of bed and walked into the living room to find Roxy, exploring.  I looked at the study door and it was open just enough for her to squeeze out.  I just laughed and told her she could explore if she was ready.  I shut the bathroom door and the doors to the man cave so she wouldn't get into anything that she might hurt herself on. 

I texted Ryan and let him know to be careful when opening the front door as the cat clearly has decided for herself that she's ready to figure out the rest of her home.

Roxy has decided that all closed doors are challenges.  She came into the bedroom, again, when I was almost asleep and began pawing at the closet door.  Which also happens to be closest to my side of the bed.  I put on my glasses and watched how she does it.  She lies down, sometimes flipping on her back and sticks her paws under the door, near the joints and "pulls" the door towards her until it opens enough for her to nudge it the rest of the way with her body.  It's quite comical. 

There's nothing in the closets that she can get hurt on.  She tried to scratch at the bag my wedding dress is in and I sprayed the bag with boundary spray.  She didn't like that and when I picked her up to move her where she could scratch, she put her head on my arm and put the skin of my arm between her teeth.  She didn't bite down or even nip.  Just showed me gently that she didn't like me doing that.  Once I showed her where she could scratch, she was ok again.

Yesterday, I got her some wheat grass and put it in a planter for her.  It's near her food and water dish.  She really likes it.  Her eating habits are the only thing that concerned the shelter staff.  They really advocate for a wet food diet.  They gave me some of the food they feed the cats.  I have given it to her and so far, she picks at it, but she does eat.  Just slowly.  She is the only cat that they've also supplemented with a dry food.  So I give her the dry in the morning and wet at night.  She seems to eat more, but not all of the dry food I give her (1/4 cup). 

I think I might back it down to 1/8 of a cup so she's more inclined to eat more if there's not so much in the dish.  That way too, she'll actually be hungry for the wet at dinner.  If she still doesn't eat all of the wet food, I'll try giving her a smaller amount.  I'm getting her the higher end cat food and I don't want her wasting it.  Her one bag of dry food cost 10 bucks and is only about 3 lbs.  Of course, it will last at least a month since I give it to her once a day. 

And if you ever want a nutrition lesson, go read the ingredients of your pet's food.  "Meat by-products?"  Yeah, I know what that is...and eww.  I'm sorry, but even in the wild, cats do not eat the hooves and beaks of their kills.  I'm certainly not feeding that to my domesticated cat.  Also, the dry food contains a lot of grains that cats have a harder time processing.  About the only real grain in her foods that I have purchased is brown rice.  Not sure why that is more soluble in their systems, but again, I'll go with it.

On another note, I've found that having the cat around has led me to do a lot less snacking.  Maybe because she comes and needs attention that I would otherwise unconsciously fill with a snack.  Whatever is the cause, I'll take it.  Hopefully I'll even lose a few until I can get back on the work out train again. 

For now, it's back to work for a few hours.  If Roxy will let me, lol.


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