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( Nov. 18th, 2011 08:02 pm)
My aunt went in for a surgery to remove a tumor in her bladder and to stick a camera in her kidney and see why it is being blocked.  Only they couldn't get the camera in her kidney because it was blocked by tumors.  Many tumors.  And the surgeon/doctor told her that they will biopsy the tumor from her bladder but 90% of the time when they find things like this it is cancer.

So she goes back next week to get the results and treatment.  She also has to schedule another surgery in December to remove her bad kidney.  Luckily she won't be on dialysis because she has one functioning and healthy kidney.

I'm just scared about how far it may have progressed though.  Ryan was just holding me while I cried this out.  When my grandpa got cancer he died within 6 months because of how far it progressed.  

This was not how I needed to end my day.  I need chocolate and carbs.  


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