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( Feb. 5th, 2012 10:20 pm)
Somehow our A/P screwed up and didn't send back the form they needed to for my replacement's hotel stay this week.  So I had to pay for tonight's hotel room because they wouldn't take CC from my boss over the phone and he doesn't have a fax machine at his home to send back the form they sent to our A/P Dept on Friday.  So I have to get on A/P about that tomorrow, plus fill out a reimbursement form.  My words to my boss were, "So I'll pay for tonight, scan and send this form to J- in the morning and I'll ask him, 'WTF (and I actually said, W. T. F.)?"  Which made my boss laugh as well as my replacement and the poor check-in girl at the desk.

So tomorrow begins my last week of work at the Satellite Company.  I'm nervous and excited for my new job.  I need to call the HR manager at the new job and let her know I'm still on track and confirm the time she wanted me to come in on the 13th.  I can't remember if it is 9am or 9:30am.  I think it was 9 but don't want to be there too early on the 13th and look like a goober.

This next week is going to be weird for me.  This will be the first time I'm leaving a job for another that wasn't due to graduating from undergrad.  I have had this job for almost 6 years.  A lot has happened in that 6 years.  



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