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( Jun. 24th, 2012 09:02 pm)
On Friday I was offered a more semi-permanent position at work.  Until now, I have been the Floating Relief Program Manager.  I have since stepped in as Interim Manager at one and then a second program.  On Friday my supervisor called and asked me about taking over the two programs semi-sorta indefinitely.  I accepted the terms of this agreement as I am slowly, yet surely finding my groove and have been working to learn all the tasks thrown at me to the best of my abilities.

Basically, I am managing the two programs until the second program moves over to the new home we're acquiring and the two at my second program will move in with three other individuals.  That home will be managed by a yet to be determined Program Manager.  Could be a new manager, could be a restructuring of what we already have on staff.  When that happens, I'll be back to managing my first program full-time and I'm sure some other tasks that have yet to be determined.  

With this change comes a temporary raise.  Which is a blessing as Ryan and I had to replace the alternator in my car this week.  An unexpected hit that leaves us a bit tight on cash until pay days.   

Other than that I've been missing my lack of structured work-out routine and the lack of a social life.  I come home late each evening and seems like I go to work early 3 out of 5 days of the week.  I'm accomplishing tasks but I've got an awful lot I'm trying to wrap my head around each day.  The irony is that I have lost weight.  Presumably because I am so busy going back and forth between programs.  Also probably because the change in income has helped me be able to buy fresh fruits and veggies instead of canned/frozen. 

Ryan and I went out on a date on Friday.  We saw Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  It was fun.  We both really want to see Brave but I want to do it when I'm less tired.

I've been fighting a summer cold.  I thought it was getting better but then tonight after working in the yard battling the sprouting blackberry bushes, my throat felt sore again.  I just drank a glass of water with grapefruit seed extract and hopefully that will help.  

The yard is so frustrating.  Ryan and I are going to be using that extra income I'll be getting likely to get the backyard into usable space.  We need to lay garden sheeting down in the backyard in all the areas that are supposed to be garden, walk areas and either put down bark or rock to keep the blackberries at bay.  The neighbor next to us actually has no grass in their backyard and instead has 4 or so large raised beds with plants in them.  In my head, we add two raised beds in the backyard and turn one area into a pumpkin patch.  Of course it's much to late in the season to be planting most things now so we'll have to wait until next year, but we at least can work on getting the prep done for next spring.  Eventually I'll have a yard that doesn't look like a jungle.

Speaking of which, the grape leaves are in full bloom.  I need to go out and pick them one day next week so I can can them for dolmas later on.


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