Ryan is so sweet.  I wanted to take a community education course for preserving foods.  One because I want to know how preserve foods better and more naturally.  Also because Ryan keeps expressing interest in having preserved food in case we get to a point where we would need it.  Emergency, natural disaster, complete and utter economic disaster.  That sort of thing.  When I told him about the class series and the cost, he paid for me to take it.  

Tonight was the first of four classes.  I got to learn about jams and jellies and see several different demonstrations.  I was easily the youngest person in the class.  Apparently, making homemade jam and jelly is not popular with the 20-somethings on a Friday night.  Go figure.

I came home with a small sample of strawberry rhubarb jam and no-sugar added blueberry jam.  I now need to go on a quest to find Pomona's Fruit Pectin because it is the kind that can be made with sugar or splenda.  I want to use that kind the most, but also plan on making some freezer jam from the Ball/Ker brand pectin and they have directions on the pack for both.  I also learned that you can make jam without fruit pectin, but you have to use sugar, as it binds the liquid all together, but you have to simmer the heck out of the fruit, until it reaches 220 on a candy thermometer.  

Then I need to get some fruit to actually make the jam.  Once my strawberries start ripening I will use some of those.  Though not sure I'll have enough off my two smaller plants to make 4 cups needed for one recipe.  But if I get one of the Flex Batch bottles of pectin I should be ok for smaller batches.

Either way, this will keep me busy until next month's class; Pickling.  Hopefully my zucchini will be on by then so I can make relish.  :D
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