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([personal profile] punkyami_chan Sep. 20th, 2011 07:53 pm)
Watching the Last Unicorn. My friend stole Schmendrick for her DnD character....now there's a talking skull...I've now declared that knight is my friend's Paladin. We're slowly but surely getting all of em in here. For our next campaign I will be a singing butterfly!

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Bonus roleplaying XP if the Paladin kills a dragon and is then sorry afterward.

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LOL! I'm telling my friend that next weekend when we play.

Also, if you have never seen it you need to watch The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. It is an indie low-budget film that was filmed up in Tacoma and Seattle but it is every DnD group ever. Ryan and I got it on Netflix so we could watch it again and then we took it over to our DnD group since your DM was sick and watched it. It's hilarious. They actually were able to get a bunch of gaming companies to sponsor it and one of the employees of Wizards of the Coast has a small role and one of the office scenes takes place at Wizards. It's an awesome low budget film. I catch new stuff every time I see it.


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