Today was my last day at the office.  My boss told me he loved me on the conference call.  That was a little weird, lol.  Actually, it quite nice and I feel incredibly loved.  Today was a frantic free-for-all of get it all done and make sure my replacement was at least familiar enough with processes to be able to bumble along on Monday.  She has my number so she can call me if she needs to.  She has the other  Administrative Assistants contact information as well.  

She will do well though.  She took the reigns yesterday and did stuff with me sitting by her while she bumbled through.  Today I actually left the room several times doing other tidying up, clean up things while she worked and she did just fine.  She'll have the flow down in no time.  

I didn't cry.  I think I'm still sort of numb actually.  I have my last checks and I'm hesitant to deposit them.  Then it will be real.  I mean, it's not like I don't have a new job to go to on Monday, and won't have income coming in, but there's just something so final about the final checks.  

So the plan is to enjoy the weekend as much as possible and resume the real world on Monday.  And with that, I'm leaving to go have dinner with a friend and her hubby.  I'm dragging Ryan too so it's a double date, lol.


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