Nights like this make me want to send Ryan to bed and tell him I cannot talk to him until he stops being an a$$hat.  I know it's not (all) me and that there is something going on at work that he can't talk about and it's causing stress all over the board and since he's the answer guy, he's had to deal with a bunch of stuff.  

But he's been moody, which is making me moody and I've been dealing with stuff too.  Nothing like having a client that swings in moods faster than you can blink.  And I have two like that.  Luckily I've been able to build good relationships with both of them.  One of them has been giving me hugs the last two days and today I was even earning pats on the head and being told, "You're a good kitty."  The other has been swinging between the world is going end, everyone hates me, I should eat worms to ZOMG, I'M GOING TO FLORIDA!!!  Meanwhile our other two clients are much more relaxed and have gotten told that I'm good at knowing what they want because I have learned their routines really fast.  

Also, I've learned that you can make an impact as a manager by doing such menial tasks as baking cookies with a client (yesterday) and unloading, reloading the dishwasher and wiping down the stove and counter tops (today).  

So far tonight I've tried jogging to relieve stress and now I'm baking.  I have GF lemon yogurt bread with blueberries and poppy seeds baking.  I'm still frustrated though.  I think I'll go stick my nose in a book.
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