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( Aug. 24th, 2006 10:02 am)
I'm listening to this CD that came with my yearbook when I was a sophomore in high school. It has songs that were popular during that year. It's definetly making me reminisce. Good times.

I have remembered that I have should use this fun fact in Icebreakers: I have serenaded a NFL athlete.

Tim Euheus plays for the Buffalo Bills (or at least he was last time I checked). We went to high school together. I dunno who asked me to participate, but I wound up participating in Singled Out during Sun Fest at school. I thought I'd be cut in the first round. Imagine my surprise when I made it to round 2. Well Tim (who was behind a screen and couldn't see the girls) asked a question like, "We're at a dance and the music is sucking. You go up and ask the DJ if you can take over. You dedicate a song to me. What song is it and sing some of it."

Now, as soon as he said this, dread hit my belly. I knew, it was going to fall on me. I have horrible stage fright when it comes to singing by myself. It's gotten better now, but back then I felt like puking when I had to sing on my own in front of large groups of people. And pretty much the entire school was watching this performance. So I sang the first thing that popped into my head; Backstreet Boys, "I'll Never Break Your Heart." It was sucktastic. I was cracking and couldn't keep the ryhthm. Made all that much more exciting because I can hear Tim behind me, grunting into the mike, "I want her!" I was pretty much mortified.

I ended up winning that date. Of course, it wasn't really a date with Tim. He had a gf (now his wife). But rather it was with this kid named Todd, who I later became friends with.

But there you have it, I have serenaded an NFL player.


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