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( Jan. 15th, 2006 04:55 pm)
The second washing machine in the laundry room is on the fritz. I seperated my whites and darks into both washers. Started them at both the same time. They both started working. Then as I was washing my socks (hand clean only) in the sink next to the second washer, it randomly shuts off.

I look at it and the indicator no longer says Colors, Warm wash, 40 minutes. It now says, Woolens, Cold Wash, 35 minutes. Oooook. So I open the door and the "Reselect Cycle" sign starts flashing at me. I shut the door and continue to hit Colors over and over again to no avail. Meanwhile, the time is clicking down on the washer. 35-34 minutes.

So since I can't get it to work, I try the next obvious step. I unplug the washer. It turns off. I give it 10 seconds and replug it in. "Woolens, Cold Wash, 33 minutes." The buttons still don't work and won't let me reselect the correct cycle. Also, as the time is counting down, the washer is doing jack shit. Just making some faint humming noise as if it's amused by my efforts to make it do what it's normally supposed to do.

So at this point I decide I'm going to have to call the 1-800 number on the poster in the washroom. But I don't want to leave my clothes (which got the initial presoak before it shut off) soaking wet in a non-working washer. So I went back to the apartment to grab 50 cents so I could take my clothes to the washer on the first floor and wash them there.

But no. I get back to the washroom in time to hear the door lock on the washer. Which still is only humming. Stupid fucker. So now I have no choice but to wait until the time goes off on the non-working washer in order to get my clothes. By that time, the other washer will be done and I can re-wash my clothes in a working washing machine.

Meanwhile, I'm going back to the washroom with a pad of paper, pen, and my room phone to call the happy customer service people at WEB and letting them know they owe me 50 cents because their derelict machine has gone psycho.

Just called Emily and she's not in her room. So I let her know what was going on. I dunno if I am allowed to call the 1-800 number or if she has to do it since she's the AR. But I took notes of what's going on. Now, the second washer is washing my clothes, but on the woolen cycle and at an insanely fast speed.

I went back in there and it was already on Rinse. So was the other washer, which when I left said it had 35 minutes on it. And when I returned said 20. No way that I was gone that long. Especially when the schizo next to it said 19. Thus I have determined that both washers have lost it completely.


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