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( Mar. 4th, 2008 09:51 am)
So for the last week, I've been fighting headaches off and on.  They are the dull, but persistent kind.  In some ways, I think those ones are worse than the sharp, intense headaches. 

Anyway, yesterday, I didn't eat much protein.  For one, we were out of milk and so I couldn't make my hot multigrain cereal with milk as I usually do.  I find I do not like the taste when made with water.  For lunch, I had some cottage cheese, peaches and tomato soup.  Again, not as much protein.  So around the middle half of my shift, I felt really off. 

I took a break and ran looking for the ink cartridges.  No such luck, but I picked up protein bars.  Eating one of those did make me feel better.

Until I woke up this morning.  Stuff has settled in my chest and it hurts to cough.  This makes calling customers fun. 

I made myself go work out though.  I couldn't work out with the same intensity as last week, but at least I did it.  That's better than nothing. 

Right now I'm just taking it an hour at a time and getting through the day.


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