[Error: unknown template qotd]Quite the opposite actually.  Many of the books that I have read as a child are actually better reading them as an adult, including books meant for young children.  I think this is because I have an adult viewpoint to see the book from.  Teaching the after school program last year meant I got to re-read a lot of the children's books I loved growing up.

I think the only one that wasn't really appropriate in terms of content was The Three Billy Goat's Gruff.  But that was only because the troll tells the billy goats that he's going to skin them or some such scary thing.  And really, I'm not the one that pointed out the questionable content, it was one of the boys in my group.  And I actually used that as a basis for discussion as to what the kids thought justified appropriate content and ideas.  Of course, I put it in kid-like terms to help them understand.  At the end, my kids came up with, pretty much on their own, that the reason the they thought the book was wrong to read was because the troll used violence to get what they wanted and that's not an effective method to get what you want. 

I explained to kids that books hold ideas.  Not all of them good.  Part of why you read is to learn from the ideas.  Just because an idea is something you wouldn't do yourself doesn't mean you can't learn from it.  Then I asked them what they had learned not to do from the troll and the billy goats.  Hands were waving and there was giddy excitement.  It's a really big high for me when I can help a kid(s) make connections about what they have read.

On the flip side of things, there are books that I read or tried to read as a child that I actually like better now as an adult.  For instance, the Harry Potter books.  I love the series now, but when I first started reading them at 17, I didn't like them.  Now I think they are great. 

I also used The Giver by Joan Lowery Nixon and Sid's Children by Garth Nix in a paper I wrote for my Sci-Fi class.  As it turns out, you can apply literary theory to young adult lit.  :p

This post was going to be longer and more in depth, but now we are discussing D&D stuffs.



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