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( Sep. 25th, 2005 08:11 pm)
I Live: in Monmouth
I Work: As a clerical aide in the Business office and as a nanny for a 2 year old girl.
I Talk: On my cell phone a lot more than I used to.
I Wish: That I could find someone that just enjoys me for who I am and doesn't try to change me.
I Enjoy: Spending time with my roomies and laughing about anything and everything.
I Look: at the stars when I'm coming home in the evening.
I Find: Myself laughing more in this last week than I have all summer.
I Smell: Not much at the moment because my nose is kinda stuffy.
I Listen: To my friends whenever they need me because I care about the things that go on in their lives.
I Hide: When I'm feeling sad and need to cry.
I Pray: Whenever I need to.
I Walk: All around campus.
I Write: poetry when the mood strikes me.
I See: More than meets the eye.
I Sing: Along with the radio. But having a cold makes me tone deaf.
I Laugh: Whenever I'm around my roomies.
I Can: Do many things.
I Watch: CSI every week.
I Yearn: For acceptance
I Daydream: When my mind wanders.
I Fall: in love not so easily.
I Want: To make it through this year with my sanity intact.
I Cry: More often than I used to and at random moments when I find myself wanting my mom.
I Burn: With passion that few understand.
I Read: All the time!
I Love: Being back at school and surrounded by my close friends, both old and new.
I Rode: In Alex's car a couple weeks ago.
I Sometimes: Sleep with a stuffed animal.
I Touch: many people's hearts with my poetry.
I Hurt: My wrist. I need to put my brace on before crawling into bed.
I Fear: Not being able to find someone who loves me unconditionally.
I Hope: That I can make it into Northwest Christian College's Graduate Program in School Counseling.
I Break: A little more each time one of my imperfections is pointed out and scrutinized.
I Eat: When I feel hungry. Which isn't that often. Despite what some may think.
I Quit: Caring about giving one of my friend's sympathy and let him have my complete and honest opinion about how much he is fucking up his life. I doubt he'll ever talk to me again.
I Bathe: Every day.
I Drink: Alcohol occasionally.
I Stop: Caring so much about trying to bend over backwards to please certain people that will never be pleased.
I Save: The things that will mean something to me later in life. I have a trunk full of mementos of my mom's. Her favorite shirts from when I was little, her bibles, sunglasses, etc.
I Hug: Hannah more than I do anyone else. At least little kids reciprocate hugs without trying to read more into it.
I Meditate: When I feel stressed and need to relax.
I Play:-ed Legos with Hannah earlier today.
I Miss: My mom.
I Hold: Tight to my morals and beliefs.
I Forgive: People for the wrongs they do against me. Although sometimes it does take awhile to let go of that hurt.
I Drive: A 1984 Dodge Caravan.
I Learn: A lot at school.
I Dream: That one day I'll have a successful career and family of my own.
I Have: Had some very bad things happen to me.
I Don't: Like it when people do things to piss me off.
I Made: Mae smile with the gift I gave her for her Birthday.
I Kiss: No one lately.
I Believe: In God.
I Wait: For my dreams and aspirations and goals to come true.
I Need: To do something selfish and for me for once instead of putting others before me all the time.
I Owe: MBNA America a good lump of money. I'm working on getting that paid off this term though.
I Hate: People whose sole purpose in life is to drag others down. People who can't figure out what they want in life and people who are mean.
I Feel: Tired and sniffly.
I Know: Graduation is going to be very hard for me to get through without my mom in the stands seeing me get my diploma. She is the one person who stood behind me and pushed me to keep going, even when I wanted to give up because I felt like such a miserable failure.
I Wonder: Where life is going to take me.
I Applaud: Those people who put effort into changing their lives and don't give up even when they fall.


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